Bally Uts QR Code | Bally Station QR Code

Bally Station UTS QR Code: Are you Looking for a UTS QR Code for Bally Station? If yes, then you are in the right place. This article will explore the Bally Station QR code, Station code and Enquiry Number. So, Let’s get started.

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Bally Station Code

The station code for Bally Railway Station in Howrah, West Bengal, is “BLY.”

Bally Station UTS QR Code

Here is the QR code for Bally Station.


With the help of the Bally station QR code, you can book your ticket without waiting in a long queue.

Bally Railway Enquiry Number

Indian Railways Customer Care: You can contact the Indian Railways Customer Care at 139. This number is a centralized helpline for various railway-related inquiries, including PNR status, train schedule, ticket booking, and more.

Eastern Railway Helpline: Since Bally falls under the jurisdiction of the Eastern Railway, you may also contact the Eastern Railway Helpline for specific inquiries related to the Eastern Railway zone.

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